Coaching sessions with Erin Howden from North Metro Chorus.
On Wednesday 30th March’16, Spinnaker Chorus we welcomed the wonderful Erin Howden to coach us for the evening. Erin is Associate Director and Choreographer for North Metro Chorus, Toronto and has been a member for 27 years.

As we are on the lead up to our annual Sweet Adeline’s International Region 31 convention on the 6th, 7th 8th May’16 this was an exciting time to be coached by Erin whose passion for barbershop is reflected in her expertise in choreography, expression and performance.

Having invited Erin to our regular rehearsal evening we only had limited time so we made sure we utilised every minute with her. We certainly had our very own hurricane in the hall that night, whipping up a frenzy of excitement, confidence and passion for the songs we will be performing at convention. The vision Erin has is so inspirational she is an extremely talented lady.

We enjoyed the evening so much and sadly it ended all too soon. However our MD John Palmer arranged a second evening with Erin for us on 1st April so that we could further develop her suggestions and practise the choreography under her guidance. Wow what a fantastic time we had, we have learnt so much from this fabulously talented lady. She has given us so many tips to work on and she totally understood what makes Spinnaker Chorus tick.

Thank you Erin Howden for you’re sparkle and glitter, the Spinnakerettes are ready to shine!

Thank you, Erin!