We have always enjoyed fun events as Spinnakerettes and especially those which involve boosting our chorus funds. This has normally been the responsibility of the admin board to organise which, in addition to their individual board posts, has been quite demanding. So this year we introduced a new role of Fundraiser to take over planning for fundraising events. Elspeth and Wendy have taken up the challenge to head our official fundraising team. They are doing a fabulous job and so far having organised two extremely entertaining events, a right Royal Garden Party and a fabulous Fashion Show.

Spinnaker Garden Party

After weeks of planning with the fundraising team, printing tickets and sewing yards of bunting, Sunday 31st July, dawned bright. Nikki and Liz produced hundreds of scones and cup cakes and the obligatory cucumber sandwiches were piled on Leona’s cake stands, last seeing service at her wedding. Proper posh tea services on loan from Gillian meant there were to be no paper cups for this Spinnakerette extravaganza.

Our own Queen of the risers, Gladys, opened the proceedings with a rendition of “I like a nice cup of tea“, dressed as her Majesty.

Chris D and Sandra gamely flogged raffle tickets while the urns boiled and made a healthy addition to the coffers. When no more tea and cakes could be forced down, Bethany and JP entertained us with flute and guitar.

After the winner of the best Royal hat competition was awarded to the lovely Karen and her prize, a bottle of champagne donated by our President Jill, presented, our guests started to wend their way home.
It wasn’t just how much fun it had been, but how much everyone had worked together. Even some who hadn’t been able to come to the party had rallied around and done their bit, whether by baking, donating prizes, equipment or buying tickets that they knew they couldn’t use. If this is what fundraising and event planning for Spinnaker Chorus is like, maybe it’s not so bad.

What’s next then girls? Oh yes a fabulous Fashion Show!

Fashion Show 2nd September ’16

Strutting our stuff on stage is something the Spinnakerettes don’t find very hard to do at all so the idea of combining this with some wonderful clothes was very exciting. Elspeth and Wendy contacted ‘Travelling Trends’ a mobile fashion company who came along with their wonderful clothing and provided an extremely enjoyable evening of retail therapy for over one hundred of our guests. The ladies were given a glass of wine with their entrance ticket and once again we organised a raffle and refreshments through the evening.

Spinnakerettes, Julia, Liz, Bethany and Tracy were models alongside two of the Travelling Trends ladies. They had great fun modelling the wonderful garments selected for them to wear on the catwalk to the appreciation of the audience who were most encouraging with their applause.
After the catwalk, guests were invited to look through the vast amounts of garments available to purchase, which they proceeded to do with great enthusiasm.

The evening was a fabulous success and once again the Spinnaker teamwork was very apparent.

The two events held over the summer have raised over £1600 for Spinnaker Chorus and we are overjoyed that our fundraising efforts so far have put us well on the way to our £7000 target for the year. As you can imagine a chorus of 80 ladies demands good financial stability to be able to exist. We really do appreciate the support we receive from our amazing friends, families and fans which will enable Spinnaker Chorus to continue providing much loved entertainment opportunities in the future.

Thank you one and all xxx