Portsmouth Music Festival, it’s a Spinnaker SEVEN!

Well to say we’ve had a wonderful weekend is an understatement! On Mother’s Day, Spinnaker Chorus (Portsmouth) competed at Portsmouth Music Festival at Oakland’s School in Waterlooville. We competed in five classes and were delighted to receive 1st place trophies in each of them.

Songs from the shows– singing Defying Gravity (Wicked) & Athem (Chess)
Opportunity Knocks-singing Ain’t no mountain & One day like this
Barbershop Female Chorus-singing The moment I saw your eyes & What kind of fool am I
Own Choice– singing Red, Red Rose & Something inside so strong
Single Sex Choir-singing Its raining men & Come in from the rain.

In the final class, Group of the day, we were invited to sing a song from one of our previous winning classes plus an additional one which we’d not competed with. Our choices were The Moment I saw your eyes from the Barbershop Chorus class and Can’t take my eyes off of you. We were delighted to also take the top prize here, the Florence Cassidy Memorial Trophy.

We were so excited to also be awarded the Pitchpiper Scroll, trophy which was the Adjudicator’s (Elizabeth Stafford on this occasion) award to the group which made the greatest impression on her from the Barbershop classes (both choruses & quartets).

In all, seven trophies for Spinnaker Chorus to cherish for the next year, so lots of extra polishing of silverware in addition to our sequins!

This isn’t the end of the Spinnaker success announcements for this weekend though. We have two fabulous quartets who have also competed and been hugely successful.

Tutti Frutti Quartet (Liz Waddon, Emma Payne, Helen Childs & Caroline Chetwood) won the Sterling MacKinley Cup with honours at Portsmouth Music Festival, singing Ain’t Misbehaving & When I fall in love.


The One Eyed JacksAt the Isle of Wight Music, Dance & Drama Festival on Friday 9th March, newly formed One Eyed Jacks (Liz Hill, Kay Sumpner, Jill King & Mary Quinn) competed with their debut performance and were delighted to be awarded joint first place with outstanding, winning the Quartet Cup, singing Anthem & Can’t take my eyes off you.

So a delightful few days of singing, performing, competing and trophy collecting makes all the rehearsing, hard work and preparation completely worth while. Spinnaker are a wonderfully talented and dedicated group of women with a passion for a cappella, harmony singing. Under the expert direction of the amazing John Palmer, who tirelessly puts us through our paces every Wednesday at rehearsals, we are going from strength to strength.

Spinnaker Chorus wins at music festival