On Saturday 19 November shoppers and visitors to Chichester were surprised by the flash-mob singing of Spinnaker Chorus. At the signal of a pitchpipe being blown a group of around 40 Spinnakerettes gathered from nowhere and broke into four part a cappella singing at the Market Cross and in East Street before dispersing back into the crowds. Chichester resident and President of Spinnaker Chorus Jill Cook said, “this was our first attempt at flash-mob singing, and it was a great experience. We had to synchronise our watches and try to blend into the background before quickly grouping together and singing. It tested our ability to focus and to perform under different circumstances, it was wonderful watching people’s reactions. Our renditions of “Ain’t no mountain high enough” and “One Fine Day” were favourites with the crowd.”

Music Director John Palmer led the Chorus and praised their efforts. “It was designed as a bit of fun”, he said, “as the girls have been practising really hard recently for our fabulous Christmas show on 3 December, which is taking place at St Marys Church in Portsmouth. It is also a great exercise in performance technique and synchronisation. I was very proud of how well they managed, despite the distractions of the wonderful shops and cafes in Chichester, plus at times the cold and rain!”

For tickets to the forthcoming Spinnaker Show ‘A Christmas Story’, with special guest narrator, Charles Collingwood from BBC Radio’s The Archers, on Saturday 3rd December, email info@spinnakerchorus.co.uk