Prior to lockdown number 3 we, like other choruses, had successfully managed a few face to face rehearsals by following Covid secure procedures to ensure the safety of our Spinnakerettes.

One of the requirements was to wear masks and as we all know singing with such an encumbrance is not a particularly enjoyable experience. However our fabulous Bass, Wendy Ranft, the ever resourceful crafting whizz, sourced a pattern for specific, structured singing masks allowing more freedom of airflow and facial movement. Armed with fabric, thread, metal nose strips, plastic cable ties, adjustable elastic ear straps and full instructions made into packs, she distributed these to a small group of sewing volunteers from Chorus. Wendy and team, Jo, Jill, Kathryn, Elspeth and Kate proceeded to make 60 Spinnaker pink masks for members to purchase contributing to Chorus fundraising.


There was much excitement at the next rehearsal when we all appeared in our new facial attire.




In addition to the masks Wendy made each Spinnakerette a beautiful pink rose brooch to wear with our navy blue walk out jackets, as a Christmas gift. What a thoughtful little gem she is!


News of our little sewing bee soon reached our good friends at Solent City Chorus who asked if we would kindly make 25 masks in a suitably masculine shade for the guys. Wendy’s team didn’t disappoint and within a flurry of stitches Solent City all now have their rather fetching navy blue singing masks too.

Here’s a photo of the dashing Mike Cook from SCC wearing his mask in all it’s glory and let’s hope it won’t be too long before in person rehearsals can resume.

Take care everyone.

(Tracy Daniel- PRO Spinnaker Chorus)