Thinking of joining?

If you are interested in joining Spinnaker, the first thing to say is GOOD CHOICE! Getting involved in barbershop is a decision we have never known anyone to regret.

If you are aged 14 or above, whether you are an experienced singer or not, a capable musician or not, we would love to meet you. Our contact page gives you details of where we are and how to contact us. If you just want to turn up on Wednesday night, that’s just fine, too! You can sit and listen or join in and take part in the evening – whatever you feel most comfortable doing.





Spinnaker Chorus combines many voices that are different from one another.  We embrace and encourage our members’ individual differences, life experiences, knowledge, self expression, unique capabilities and talent. Your uniqueness is our chorus strength, reputation and achievement.

We respect freedom of expression and civility of discourse as fundamental to personal and Chorus growth.  We are committed to non-discriminatory practices and policies which provide equal opportunity for all members regardless of age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, political affiliation, education or socio-economic status.

 To uphold our diversity, inclusion and equality goals, Spinnaker Chorus strives to:


  • Lead with respect and tolerance.
  • Inspire Change.
  • Encourage dialogue with members about what diversity, inclusion and equality/equity mean to them and the Chorus
  • Provide opportunities to share information and challenge assumptions about inclusiveness.
  • Foster a culture of open-mindedness and compassion among individuals and groups.
  • Develop relationships and pool resources by connecting with individuals and other organisations to co-ordinate D&I efforts.

1. Express your interest

First, email our Membership Secretary, to let us know you're coming or you can just turn up. You'll find us rehearsing on Wednesday evenings from 7:30pm to 10pm at Park Community School, Havant (click on icon for the address). You will need enthusiasm, bottle of water, a pen and comfortable shoes.

2. Your first visit

When you arrive approximately 80 other women will be happy to greet you at the door and welcome you in! Our Music Librarian will give you a folder of music so that you can follow the songs as we sing them. You will be invited to join the physical and vocal warm-ups so that you can become accustomed to the way we work and start building some relationships within the chorus.

3. Continue attending rehearsals

On a subsequent visit, our Deputy Musical Director, Liz Taylor will establish your vocal range via means of a “voice test”. This will determine which voice section you will be best suited to: Tenor, Lead, Baritone or Bass. This “voice test” usually entails singing a simple song like ‘Happy Birthday'. You will then be emailed some sheet music and teach tracks to start the journey towards your audition. Our Section Leaders can organise practice auditions with others so you know what to expect for the real thing when you're ready.

4. Your audition

The audition is really not as scary as it sounds. Our Section Leaders have a wealth of knowledge and you can contact them if you have any musical queries along the way. Go for it when you're ready! You will receive a letter in the post regarding the outcome of your audition. If you pass, the chorus will present you with a certificate, welcome pack and assign you a “buddy” within your section to ensure that you have sufficient support to help you on being a Spinnakerette!

Ready to start your journey?

Contact our membership secretary to arrange a good time to visit one of our rehearsals. Contact Jo Odell: 07773 513340,

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