A Sensational return to Jubilation-LABBS Convention 22

A Sensational return to Jubilation-LABBS Convention 22
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Posted By: Tracy Daniel
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Date Posted: Mon, 7 Nov 2022
Oh what a joy to be back at LABBS Convention after a 3 year hiatus! The thrill of packing a suitcase filled with sparkling costume and jewellery, stage make up and a roadtrip to Bournemouth provoking such excitement.
A super hotel filled not only with Spinnakerettes but a wedding party AND the Tottenham Hotspur Football Team, no less! Suddenly bumping into famous footballers as lift doors opened was quite a novelty and singing for them as they loaded on to coaches Saturday for their match with Bournemouth was great fun.
The BIC was alive and bustling with barbershoppers reacquainting and the atmosphere electric. The auditorium and stage stirring butterflies in tummies sending pulses racing in anticipation of performing competitively again. The cheers walking out on stage, the lights reflecting on beaming faces, the feelings of pride and gratitude, the sense of family and togetherness overwhelming. Into performance mode we presented our much loved contest set with great enthusiasm putting into action our much rehearsed plan and then in flash our stage time was over but what a blast! We had 11 members singing with us for the first time, 5 of which were also convention first timers. The icing on the cake achieving joint 5th place in a competition with an amazing line up of fantastically talented choruses.
Thank you LABBS for a most wonderful convention which was truly a jubilation, can’t wait to see you in Harrogate’23.